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Reflexology or Foot zone therapy is a healing technique practiced in China for as many as 5000 years. From the meridian theory of Chinese medicine, a person's internal organs have corresponding acupuncture points in the feet. Below the ankle there are more than 60 acupuncture points. If we stimulate the acupuncture points of the feet, we can increase vitality, strenghen the waist and the tendons, slow aging, and increase life-span. Wash the feet with hot water before going to sleep, is not only comfortable, but has also healing effects and improves sleep, is anti-aging, and promote longevity.

Feet soles chartModern medical evidence shows that the human aging starts from the feet. The sole of the feet have a lot of blood vessels, so some scientists call the sole of the feet the “second heart”. There are countless nerve endings on the soles of the feet, and are closely linked to the brain. The foot's health is not only related to physical health, but it is also closely related to life expectancy.

Benefits of foot massage therapy

  • Recover from fatigue at once
  • Relax nerves and prevent headache and insomnia
  • Metabolize and repel poisons from the body
  • Prevent high blood pressure, heart attack, and diabetes
  • Prevent weakness, numbness, and arthritis
  • Promote the immune system and prevent the flu
  • Activate cells and enforce energy
  • Strengthen the body, and increase lifespan

Left Foot chart Right Foot chart

Chinese 中文(请按这里)

脚底按摩或脚区域疗法是源于中国的一种医疗技术,据说历史多达5000年。 从祖国医学经络学说看,人的五脏六腑在脚上都有相应的穴位。脚部是足三阴经的起始点,又是足三阳经的终止点,踝关节以下就有60多个穴位。如能经常刺激足部的穴位,就能起到滋补元气、壮腰强筋、延缓衰老、延长寿命的作用。“春天洗脚,升阳固脱;夏天洗脚,暑湿可祛;秋天洗脚,肺润肠濡;冬天洗脚,丹田温灼。” 临睡前用热水洗脚,不仅有舒适感,有疗效之功效,还能改善睡眠、延缓衰老、延年益寿。



  • 即时舒解身体上的疲劳
  • 放松神经和防止头疼和失眠
  • 代谢和排斥身体的毒素
  • 防止高血压、心脏病和糖尿病
  • 防止四肢无力、麻木和关节炎
  • 促进免疫系统和防止流感
  • 加强细胞和促进活力
  • 加强身体和增加寿命

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